Kalapuraparambil Special Purpose Vehicle Building

kalapuraparambil special purpose vehicle builders in kerala india

Why we became the top Special Purpose Vehicle Building company in India

As per the customers’ different request, we manufacture various models and styles special purpose vehicles of different protection level.

Dedicated special purpose vehicle manufacturer with expertise in the design, manufacture, inspection, sales and service in special purpose vehicles. Kalapuraparambil Automobiles it’s one of the largest base of the special purpose vehicle modification.

Take the time to review all the features available in our extensive range. With more than forty different floor plans we are sure we will have the right package to suit your needs.

The following are the types of special purpose vehicles we usually make

  • Advertisement Vehicle
  • Ambulance
  • Mobile ATM
  • Election Campaign vehicle
  • Public Awareness vehicle
  • Automobile Service vehicle
  • Corporate service vehicle
  • Mobile Supermarket
  • Wheel chair Lift
  • Contractor Sprinter Conversion
  • Mobile Irrigation Office Conversion
  • Mobile showroom conversion
  • Dog Grooming Conversion
  • Dog transport conversion
  • Oilfiled Office Sprinter Conversion
  • Dog Transport Conversion
  • Commercial FRP Conversion
  • Commercial Work Van Conversion
  • Commercial Interior Conversion
  • Bicycle Racing Conversion
  • Cart Racing Sprinter Conversion
  • Catering van Conversion 2
  • Commercial Interior Conversion
  • Frac Control Center 1
  • Frac Control Center 2
  • Commercial Sprinter Van Conversion
  • Oilfield E Tech Trailer
  • E Track Conversion
  • Catering Van Conversion 1
  • Houston Public Library

If you have any requirements to build any special service vehicle, feel free to contact us.

Special Purpose Vehicle designing features

Seat alteration
Collapsible grill fittingk
Side glass grill fitting
Cash Box bracket fitting
Interior metal installation
Back foot bound
Vehicle Body designing
Digital painting
Body stikering
Vehicle front modification
Front bumper alteration
Door shades
Wheel cups

Hey! If you are looking for build your special purpose vehicle; its the time!

Still confused or not convincing enough ? please visit our latest design gallery!

We, kalappurapparambil automobiles welcomes you to visit us at our workshop in Ernakulam, Kerala. We will build your special purpose vehicle in a way that materialize your imagination and reflect your style.