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Why we became the best Mobile ICU Designing company in India

Mobile Intensive Care Unit (M.I.C.U.) means any motor vehicle specially designed or constructed, equipped and intended to be used for, and maintained or operated for, the transportation of sick or injured persons in emergency medical situations.

An emergency means that somebody is in danger. In our world the first to be there is emergency vehicle crew. Lives of people depend on emergency vehicle crew service quality. Ambulance/Mobile ICU manufacturer, other emergency vehicle manufacturer should realize that emergency vehicles should be the most reliable vehicles in the market. Ambulance/Mobile ICU vehicle should provide ambulance crew, supporting equipments everything to save lives, other emergency vehicles should do the same in their purpose. Kalapuraparambil Ambulance/Mobile ICU manufacturer realizes it very well.

Kalapuraparambil Automobiles growth is derived from the ability to manufacture a quality product in a shorter period check out modification in Force Traveller or in Tata Winger Motor vehicles which turned in to Mobile ICU or Ambulance

Mobile ICU designing features

Equipment rack
Medicine rack
Storage cabinet
Revolving lights
Rail and hoods
Doctors chair
Attendant seat
Oxygen cylinder cabin and Brackets
Oxygen piping
High intensity lighting, halagon lights
Top Light control panel
Fire extinguisher
Interior fibre works
Wood works
Inverter, Generator
Matt covering
Vinyl flooring
A/C cabin
Vehicle Body designing
Digital painting
Body stikering
Vehicle front modification
Front bumper alteration
Tail lamp alteration
Back bumper modification
Foot boards
Sliding door
Side runner guard
Front glass shades
Mirror covering
Door shades
Wheel cups

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