Kalapuraparambil Cash Van Designing

cash van building expert in Kerala South India

Why we became the top Cash Van Designing company in India

As per the customers’ different request, we manufacture various models and styles cash-in-transit vehicles of different protection level.

we are known for the exceptional quality of our products because we use the latest in armoring technology to install materials of only the highest quality. High-hardened steel, reinforced fiberglass, and other advanced materials are used to create the unseen protection of our custom Cash vehicles. Our superb quality of craftsmanship is evident in each of the designs.

Cash van designing features

Seat alteration
Collapsible grill fittingk
Side glass grill fitting
Cash Box bracket fitting
Interior metal installation
Back foot bound
Vehicle Body designing
Digital painting
Body stikering
Vehicle front modification
Front bumper alteration
Door shades
Wheel cups

Hey! If you are looking for design a cash van; its the time!

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We, kalappurapparambil automobiles welcomes you to visit us at our workshop in Ernakulam, Kerala. We will design a cash van for you in a way that materialize your imagination and reflect your style.